World Financial Exhibition China


The World Financial Exhibition is the ideal event for international businesses and institutions to market their services and products in China. It is the largest financial exhibition in China and offers one-stop financial services for Chinese customers.

As a member of WTO, the Chinese government has opened its financial markets to the world. This not only allows more international companies to have access to the largest number of consumers in the world, but also gives Chinese customers an opportunity to invest in more services and products. The Chinese government now encourages individuals and companies to develop their business abroad; this in turn allows more individuals to invest abroad and more Chinese companies getting listed on foreign stock exchanges.

As it is carefully designed, WFE China will allow exhibitors and Chinese customers to meet and discuss the latest financial services, products and technologies through a series of activities. As most highly anticipated financial event in China, WFE China is the best and most effective solution for both exhibitors and Chinese customers. It is vital that you come face to face with clients in this great event. If you don't, your competitors will!

WFE China is not only a financial gala, but also an excellent opportunity for companies in other industries to promote their services and products and make valuable business connections. It is a truly global business congress!

New for 2008

Following a similar model to the previous successful exhibition, we have new features.

  • The theme of this year is China International Capital Forum
  • All participants talk about their services and products to media at news conference in Beijing (TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc);
  • More institutional and professional investors will be present;
  • While financial services are foundational, other industries will participate;
  • More topics will be addressed
  • High quality conference at reasonable cost!

Why Exhibit?

With tens of thousands of institutional and general investors' participation, you will be able to:

  • Exhibit your services, products and technologies;
  • Access a market with the largest number of consumers in the world;
  • Meet face-to-face with potential clients in your sector;
  • Promote your development to Chinese public and private companies;
  • Generate sales and increase your market position in China;
  • Raise your profile above your competitors;
  • Increase your company exposure to the public through our intensive marketing campaigns and media partners;  
  • Establish a China-based office free of charge if you are operating outside China.

  And more!

Event Scope:
WFE China will cover:

Industry regulators, stock and option exchanges, banks, mutual funds, hedge funds, insurances, stock and futures brokerages, investment bankers, forex dealers, venture capitals, business schools, news agencies, IT, lawyers/solicitors, Auditors/Accountants, M&A specialists, consulting firms, training services, and more.

Public and private companies in other sectors are also welcome.

Who Will Attend?

WFE China has invited people from different fields including government officials, business leaders (CEOs, Presidents, COOs, CFOs, and VPs), institutional and general investors. They come from all over China. WFE China will attract hundreds of state-owned or private companies with excellent business prospects, and thousands of professionals and investors to participate.

By attending WFE China, delegates will achieve the following objectives:

  • Discover new financial services, products and technologies from around the world;
  • Meet face-to -face with senior executives from top world institutions;
  • Learn about financing and listing procedures;
  • Find new investment opportunities;
  • Gain in-depth knowledge about financial markets and the global economy;
  • Develop new investment skills and strategies;
  • Network with leading industry executives and make valuable business connections.

Promotion Plan:

WFE China will be the most popular and dominant event of the year and will attract public attention, as there is no similar competing event in China. For most exhibitors it is their first time to enter the Chinese market with quality services, products and technologies. However, WFE China still promotes aggressively using the following:

  • Advertising campaigns in newspapers, magazines, TV and Radio within national and provincial levels in China.
  • Co-operating with major Special Economic Zone Committees and other business associations to reach the largest number of enterprises.
  • Our comprehensive, updated and detailed database, in which we invested heavily, has about 300,000 companies. They will be especially targeted.
  • Effective marketing campaign including search engine optimization, online advertisements, directing mail, directing phone calls and directing faxes  
  • Ads on associated websites
  • Event website, news conferences, interviews and ticket distribution.


  • Exhibition
  • Presentation
  • Seminar
  • Workshop
  • Panel discussion

Media Partners: CCTV, ShanxiTV, TaiyuanTV, Shanxi Daily, Taiyuan Evening News

Time: May 21-23, 2008

Venue: Beijing, China

Presentations and Seminars

WFE China seminars' topics include:

  • Renminbi (RMB) strength and global economy
  • Listing procedures (US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong)
  • Financing strategy in North America
  • Offshore preparation
  • Accounting (differences between private & public companies)
  • Legal policies and regulations for public company in different exchanges
  • Economic trends in 2008
  • Hot Commodities in 2008
  • Forex management
  • Legal environment in China
  • Legal and court system. How does it work?
  • Integrity of property rights including status of patents, trademarks and intellectual property
  • Perceived problems of piracy
  • Taxes: vat, duties and on income
  • Banking, currency, exchange controls repatriation of profits etc.
  • How small western companies can do business in China
  • Business registration Procedure in China
  • Culture and language training
  • Guest speakers and sponsors address relevant topics to Chinese and international audience

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