World Financial Exhibition China

The World Financial Exhibition
is the largest financial and business networking event in China. It is an ideal venue for international corporations and institutions to market services and products in China, build lasting and profitable business relationships, and to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to do business in the world's largest market.

It is crucial to meet and communicate with Chinese partners, industry representatives, government officials - and customers - in person. If you don't, your competitors will!

WFE China is truly a bridge between China and the rest of the world, where East meets West.

Why You Need to Attend WFE China

It's no secret that China is undergoing rapid and radical change. China became a member of the World Trade Organization in 2001. Since that time, the Chinese Government has taken steps to gradually open its financial markets to the rest of the world, creating enormous opportunities.

As the most highly anticipated financial and business event in China, WFE China is a forum to learn and explore new markets, identify joint venture partners and establish key relationships within the environment of explosive growth in China.

At WFE China, you will meet many Chinese clients and investors who are eager to learn about your services, products and technologies.

Our Purpose Is To:

assist financial corporations and institutions to
  promote their services, products and technologies
  to the Chinese

- help listed companies gain new investors

- allow Chinese companies to explore financing and
  listing opportunities in the West

- provide an opportunity to make valuable business
  contacts for sales of products and services,
  financial-related or otherwise

- increase foreign company exposure to Chinese
  investors and partners

- provide a matchmaking service for Western companies
  seeking Chinese partners, manufacturers, services or
  product markets - let us know ahead of time what you
  are seeking!

The World Financial Exhibition is organized by
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The World Financial Exhibition includes exhibitions, presentations, seminars, workshops, panel discussions and networking.

Our mission is to create opportunities.

Pacific Forum of China
Pacific Regional Safety Committee
China International Peace & Development Foundation
Shaanxi Culture & Travel Promotion Committee

Media Coverage of WFE China:

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